The Shape of the Suburbs: A New Series of Chief Planner Roundtables Launching September 30th!


The Chief Planner Roundtable is a public forum for Torontonians to discuss key city-building challenges. Civic leaders and industry professionals meet to review challenges and opportunities, and to identify the various paths towards resolution of the issues at hand. Residents and members of the public are encouraged to participate by attending the sessions in person or watching them live-streamed on the internet, and by submitting comments and questions by Twitter or comment card.

The first roundtable series was held in the Spring 2013. One of the conclusions stemming from this series was that the suburbs warranted much greater discussion and examination.  For this reason, the entire fall roundtable series is focusing on the suburbs. The first of these, “The Shape of the Suburbs” being held on September 30, is an examination of the physical form of the suburbs. The second (October 28) will focus on social and employment issues, and the third (November 25) will focus on mobility.

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Transcript of my Speech at the 2013 Toronto Urban Design Awards

These Awards present an opportunity every other year to pause, take stock and recognize the work we are collectively doing to create a great city.

The city, after all, is expressed and emerges in the places and spaces that we experience and share in common.  The way we design these places has the potential to enhance our connectedness to each other, to both the past and the future, and to the environments that sustain us.   continue reading