Being Resourceful

It’s time for a shout out to the resourcefulness of my amazing division of city planners.  I would not have lasted one week if it wasn’t for their passion, commitment and professionalism. They work on the edge of the most pressing issues facing urban planners the world over – exceptional growth and the complexity of an evolving urban form, combined with social and environmental pressures that are paramount in every decision, every day.     continue reading

Among Friends

They said I would be among friends.  That’s partly why I went.

Just a few weeks into my post as Chief I met with a series of residents associations during their AGM’s , who were keen to hear my vision for the city.  I talked about the magnitude of the challenges we face, the volume of work we do, and the need for the planning division to re-emerge as a leading voice on planning matters.  I was questioned about staff shortages, the role of the OMB, navigating the politics of City Hall, managing growth, and protecting employment uses.

All the kind of conversations you would expect, really.   continue reading